B2B will essentially be a reset button for the body. So often in OCR training we always hit the gas pedal and very rarely slow down. But the body needs consistent maintenance. That's where this class comes in, fine tuning the body trying to make certain areas bulletproof so we can avoid injury and maximize our potential. There will be a heavy focus on core strength, mobility/durability movements, as well as ways to enhance recovery. It will still be a challenging class but you should leave feeling refreshed in a sense. B2B IS OFFERED AS PART OF ANY FLATline OCR Class package. IN ADDITION, those who wish to purchase the B2B Class SEPARATELY can do so by clicking one of the links below.



KETTLEBELL DEAD BUG -The exercise shown is a dead bug. It primary focus is anterior core stability and minimizing pressure on the low back. The kettlebell is used to help engage the lat during the exercise. When it comes to OCR, core is involved in pretty much everything from heavy carries or the rigs. If you don’t have a strong core most things in these races will be a lot more difficult and chance of injury is a lot higher.

BEAR CRAWL (VERSION 1) BEAR CRAWL VERSION 2) Whether it’s going under barbed wire or climbing over the A-frame cargo net the bear crawl is a movement that is invaluable. It’s a great way to build up stability and strength in your core as well as your upper and lower body. Not to mention it’s a great way to increase your cardiovascular endurance. The key with this movement is making sure as you move your limbs forward you keep your back parallel to the floor, push hard against the ground with your arms, and keep your knees low. If you are just starting off with this movement I would practice staying in place and trying to hold the position for :30 sec. Once you get comfortable there try moving one limb at a time very slowly without tipping. From there you can practice lifting the opposite arm and leg simultaneously once again without tipping. If you can do that then you can try moving forward and back in place before progressing to the actual crawl. Slowly develop those neuromuscular connections. The more connected you are to your body will only help when it comes to OCR or just life in general. Just remember a baby needs to crawl before it can walk. Sometimes as adults we need that same mindset 😉.